Monday, January 05, 2015

Ola Brisa Gardens - Manzanillo

I've never been to this place in fact I first I heard of it a month or so ago. You can't just drop in but need an appointment.  The contact info and cost can be found on their website below. They have a number of videos but they don't cover the subjects well and are secretive about where they are shot. Only a maybe visit for me someday. I do take issue with their claim that it's the foremost botanical garden on Mexico’s Central Pacific because the Botanical Garden just south of Vallarta has really matured and is open to drop-ins.

Eco/Adventure/Nature Tours are by appointment, as otherwise Tommy and Jose may be off somewhere “in the interior” searching for new plant specimens or out in the mountains investigating new areas to explore.

We enjoy sharing, with visitors, all manner of our wonderful locale on singular – or multiple – adventures. Allow us to arrange everything:  Your pick-up and delivery, full explanation during the tour(s) of choice(s) from “SITES AND SIGHTS” and – along the way or following – a selection of excellent places to eat. Whatever your preference – wonderful “food of the people in local environs” or in one of the more “gringoized” area eateries – we are familiar with most of them!  Should you wish to undertake these culinary experiences on your own feel free to use the restaurant reviews of “TOMMY’S TUMMY” as a guide or let us arrange the experience for you.

In fact, if interested, let us design a several day experience you will never forget – to include native meals and enjoyable treks outside of the urban areas not offered by conventional, commercial tour agencies.

Accordingly, please call or e-mail us in order that all can be fully in order to ensure your experience(s) with us are the best possible.

Ola Brisa Gardens


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