Friday, February 08, 2008

Canoas town and Coffee

A pretty little town on the way to Minatitlan
Canoas, Colima - Mexico

Not a lot to say about this pretty little town except that it's as close to the most picturesque Mexican pueblo you may find. The road into Canoas, about 40 minutes into the mountains from Manzanillo, is paved with cobble stones and two cement tracks. Many of the houses and fences are built with river rock.

This was my second visit, this time looking for coffee and the processing plant. The last visit was November and too early for coffee season which starts in December. The coffee plant is off to the right as you enter town near the 'concha de futbol'. The type of roasting here seems to be only medium or Cafe Americano but the plant was closed and our information was just from a few small stores in town that sell coffee. I bought one bag labeled 'Cafe Canoas' and heard that Walmart in Manzanillo carries it.

Typical house in Canoas

The Coffee Cooperative

Coffee drying

Coffee machinery

Canoas Coffee Web page
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