Sunday, December 13, 2015

Los Angelitos también surfean

Presented by
Deportes Extremos del Estado de Colima AC. (DEEC)
Extreme Sports of Colima

Not a lot of info on this surf event  except that it's the 3rd annual and is in Santiago. I assume it's near Bora's as that's the only place I've seen surfable surf. Check it out on December 20th

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Santiago arroyo overflowed into town

Manzanillo, Col.- Because of the heavy rains Thursday night and Friday morning the Santiago arroyo overflowed.

The flooding reached the main garden of the delegation, which was full of mud, and while the water level has begun to fall, still covers much of the first frame of the delegation.

No major damage was reported in nearby houses, to channel the stream, which literally overflowed from early morning.

Civil Protection and Municipal Police maintain an operational monitoring riverbed.

So far, no families evacuated from this area of ​​the city are reported.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Boca de Pascuales at sunset

Found this on Facebook from Cervecería de Colima

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tunnel machine arrives Puerto de Manzanillo

The most important part of the tunneling machine for the train tunnel Línea 3 del Tren Ligero in Guadalajara finally arrive from Spain. The tunnel is for underground rapid transit in the center of the city.

The machine will be 120 meters long and the size of the cutting head more than 11 meters across; the weight of the equipment is just over one thousand five hundred tons. The TBM is a German technology associated with Spanish, "which has a lot of experience in building systems of its kind in Europe and part of Asia," said González Ortiz.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tourists and locals evacuated from Pascuales area

Mar de Fondo in Colima

Tecoman, Col.- The Municipal Civil Protection Unit and GERIEM, evacuated tourists and locals after the phenomenon "Mar de Fondo" caused strong waves and severe damage to infrastructure, so that a shelter was set up in a multipurpose building in the colony Ladislao Moreno.

The head of the UMP and GERIEM, said Luis Salazar Saborio they made rounds very early Saturday morning alerting locals to be prepared to leave the area in case of an increase in the tide, in the afternoon it began to grow with waves up to 8 meters high, causing severe damages to both booths, restaurants and some hotels.

In coordination with the DIF Municipal Community Development Center Cedeco  in colony Ladislao Moreno was enabled a shelter, with beds, mattresses, blankets, kitchen and medical services to care for evacuees, being so far 14 people that took shelter in that temporary shelter.

They have counted 14 booths with severe damage, a restaurant with major damage, at least four drawn vehicles and two main roads that were affected by flooding from high surf and others collapsed to be undermined sand, without any human losses The operation will continue until conditions have passed and does not represent a risk for the return of residents.

Peor que Jova -- Worse than Jova

Monday, April 20, 2015

Red Tide in Manzanillo

April 18, 2015

* The prohibition of selling is maintained or consume bivalve molluscs

The Ministry of Health and Welfare reported that the continued presence of toxic red tide in the bays of Manzanillo, so the ban on the marketing and consumption of bivalve molluscs is maintained, in order to avoid health risks of the population .

Derived from the operatives carried out jointly by the State Commission for Protection against Health Risks, COESPRIS with the Sixth Naval Region, through the Oceanographic Institute of the Pacific in Manzanillo, was verified with the sampling and analysis of sea water that remains that harmful algal bloom (HAB) in that part of the coast of Colima.

Therefore, said the injunction not to consume or sell bivalve molluscs such as oysters, clams, scallops and scallop margarita from wild harvest and / or stored at sea and estuaries that have detected the red tide, continue to whereas the results of the samples to determine the disappearance of the phenomenon.

Dependence recommended that people refrain from acquiring and consuming product sold in the street and beachfront by poachers and vendors; if so, go to places formally established and regulated by the health authority.

Also, he pointed out that in the case of people with open wounds and abrasions with susceptible skin, eye and upper respiratory tract and ear problems should refrain from entering the sea.

Finally, he mentioned that if you have tingling in the lips, numbness, diarrhea and abdominal pain, it is necessary that affected immediately come to medical attention and report if consumed oysters, clams or other shellfish 2 valves (shells).

Torneo de Pesca para Niños

Kids fishing tournament 
Sunday, May 3rd
at the Cruise Ship dock downtown

Free Event
for kids from 7 to 11 years of age

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cuyutlán Salt - Documentary

"The documentary Cuyutlán salt is good work that reflects the socioeconomic tradition of the state" and explained how interesting it will be presenting this work part of the Traditions Colimotas series, produced by the Ministry of Culture of Colima.

"Salt of Cuyutlán" describes the process of extracting salt in Cuyutlán, Armeria, the most established tradition in the town, inherited from generation to generation. It also shows one of the oldest  form of this work, which starts by scratching the earth to subsequently make a pool where the water is filtered, then is distributed to the evaporation ponds called "eras", a place where grains of salt are formed, then small collection piles are made.

Some of the techniques used by Rodriguez Bogart in making this film are the micro video, showing how the brine (water with salt) is evaporated and how a grain is formed. He uses terrariums and aquariums micro video to record the settling of heavy metals and salt formation, which can be seen quickly with time laps. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

La Feria del Limón 2015

Lime Fair 2015 will take place from January 23 to February 8 in beautiful Tecoman, Colima.

This is the 61st year of one of the most important fairs in this state, by the large number of events that take place in it.

There will be sporting, cultural and artistic activities, as well as dining, shopping and livestock expo.

Gala del Mariachi

La Feria del Limón 2015 tendrá lugar del 23 de enero al 8 de febrero en el bello municipio de Tecomán, Colima.

Se trata de la edición 61 de una de las ferias más importantes de dicho estado, por la gran cantidad de eventos que en ella se realizan.

Habrá actividades deportivas, culturales y artísticas, así como una gran expo gastronómica, comercial y ganadera.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

National Manzanillo Sport Fishing Tournament

59th National Manzanillo Sport Fishing Tournament 2015

Click to enlarge

Sport Fishing Manzanillo AC invites you to participate in the 59th National Sports Manzanillo Fishing Tournament 2015 which will be held from 6 to 8 February 2015 in Marina Las Hadas Manzanillo Colima.

Do not Miss It!

$ 10,500.00 MN (Team 4 anglers with one cane each.)

* Promotion:
Register before January 16 to enter the Raffle Go-Pro cameras

1st place .- $ 100,000.00 MN
2nd lugar.- $ 50,000.00 MN
3rd lugar.- $ 25,000.00 MN
4th lugar.- four rods and reels
5th lugar.- 2 rods and reels
6th lugar.- Reed
7th lugar.- Reel

Special surprises !!

• Friday February 6, 2015:
Registration and Enrollment teams and fishermen in Marina del Hotel The fairies 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm

Further Information:
Address: San Pedrito s / ??n, Col. Bureaucrat, Manzanillo, Col. CP 28250
Tel. (314) 332-7399

Friday, January 09, 2015

African bees kill old man near Chandiablo

Africanized bees kill old man

A farm worker was killed and two others, father and son, were injured when attacked by bees when they cleaned a road near Chandiablo in Manzanillo. According to the Director of Municipal Civil Protection, Guadalupe Tene Rodriguez, the deceased is Isaac Jimenez Campa, 73 years old. Jesus Valladares the father is hospitalized in serious condition while his son of the same name, is out of danger. 

He said the incident took place around 11:40 am yesterday when the laborers cleaned a ditch that is located next to the creek Chandiablo. He added that once reported the situation, the Colima police arrived and cordoned off the area pending forensic personnel and prosecutors.

Matan abejas africanizadas a anciano

Monday, January 05, 2015

Ola Brisa Gardens - Manzanillo

I've never been to this place in fact I first I heard of it a month or so ago. You can't just drop in but need an appointment.  The contact info and cost can be found on their website below. They have a number of videos but they don't cover the subjects well and are secretive about where they are shot. Only a maybe visit for me someday. I do take issue with their claim that it's the foremost botanical garden on Mexico’s Central Pacific because the Botanical Garden just south of Vallarta has really matured and is open to drop-ins.

Eco/Adventure/Nature Tours are by appointment, as otherwise Tommy and Jose may be off somewhere “in the interior” searching for new plant specimens or out in the mountains investigating new areas to explore.

We enjoy sharing, with visitors, all manner of our wonderful locale on singular – or multiple – adventures. Allow us to arrange everything:  Your pick-up and delivery, full explanation during the tour(s) of choice(s) from “SITES AND SIGHTS” and – along the way or following – a selection of excellent places to eat. Whatever your preference – wonderful “food of the people in local environs” or in one of the more “gringoized” area eateries – we are familiar with most of them!  Should you wish to undertake these culinary experiences on your own feel free to use the restaurant reviews of “TOMMY’S TUMMY” as a guide or let us arrange the experience for you.

In fact, if interested, let us design a several day experience you will never forget – to include native meals and enjoyable treks outside of the urban areas not offered by conventional, commercial tour agencies.

Accordingly, please call or e-mail us in order that all can be fully in order to ensure your experience(s) with us are the best possible.

Ola Brisa Gardens
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