Friday, January 13, 2012

A day at Immigration

I went to Manzanillo Wednesday to do my yearly Visa renewal and here's a few fotos from my new IPhone, that lost Internet BTW. Smart phones are cool until they mess up your account. I stopped by Telcel on the way back but I still don't have service.

Anyway, I always plan on a couple of hours in the Immigration office so there's time to walk around an get a few fotos of the port activities.    The new office entrance is just past this sign to the right instead of inside the main building like before.   Got there about 10am after trying to find a place to get my fotos.  One Farmacia Guadalajara's machine was broken, the other no people to serve you and the girl that works in the Kodak place in Commercial Mexicana was not there yet.   No problem I was told, bring your fotos in when you pick up your visa in 3 weeks.

After paying my renewal fee at the Military bank I returned and was the last one out at about 12:30.   Last year when I payed there the payroll clerk from the Navy base was getting cash for payday.  Must have been 30+ people in line waiting well over an hour.   This time not so bad.  You can pay that fee at any bank if you get caught in that situation.  I payed downtown a few years ago while waiting for fotos.

Sign on the Port Offices

Ship being loaded with containers

An hour later the same ship leaving port

View of downtown Manzanillo from the small pier near the port

Iphone fotos are not bad but there is no lens adjustment

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