Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New gas power plant in Manzanillo

On my way back to Chapala I drove thru DT Manzanillo so I could go past what I thought I saw from the highway a few weeks ago. Sure enough just south of the new gas tank terminal they are building the new gas power plant. Looks like two nuclear reactors plus lots more. They are also building breakwaters, channels, pipes running everywhere. "El Campo" seems to be the staging area for much of it and may be a boom town for a few years. The never open palapa restaurants on the beach were clean and open and may be feeding the workers

Howard from Manzanillo added this extra info below
The two large structures in your photos are the storage plants for the gas. They put the "lid" on one of them about a month ago - reputed to weigh 1,000 tons!

At about the same time the Zeta gas terminal took delivery of 10,000 tons for gas from the Ukraine. That sort of shipment is likely to become much more common.

In addition, a gas pipeline is being built from the Manzanillo terminal to Guadalajara.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The largest fish in the world in Manzanillo?

¿El pez más grande del mundo en Manzanillo?

February 20, 2010
It was discovered on the sands of Boquita Beach. It is more than 4 meters and fishermen claim to have never seen anything like it.

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