Monday, June 30, 2008

Office Max, Subway and Juega y Juega

We went shopping in Manzanillo yesterday and noticed the new Office Max was open. Next door is a Subway, a Bings ice cream and a few small shops. Behind them all is 'the Casino', called Juega y Juega, filled with electronic betting machines. I assume these are not just video games but I don't know the betting proceedure. This little mall is between Walmart and Sorianas on the Walmart side.

As usual, Office Max has a decent selection of office furniture and supplies ... and is the best place for reading lamps

Office Max


Juega y Juega

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PATA Manzanillo updates

Hello all,
Here is a brief PATA Manzanillo update to our events and programs that we've implemented the last few weeks:

1. Educational outreach campaigns: We've been visiting the private schools in the area in an educational outreach pilot program that we'll extend to ALL the area schools once classes resume in the fall. We have brought recuperated street animals to classrooms and conducted interactive talks about the importance of responsible, compassionate and loving pet care. We have been well received by teachers and students alike, and have been delighted by the level of interest of the children. They seem genuinely open to learning about how to be good pet owners. We are hoping this will have a trickle down effect as they spread the message home to their families, friends and neighbors. We will work on an extended outreach plan with Campo Verde high school students, who are required to complete 200 hours of community service, to integrate them into the talks to school aged kids.... thus helping forward the message of humanity towards animals from local youth to local children.

2. First mini-campaign: We logged our first mini campaign in the downtown neighborhood of Alameda back in May. We set up shop in a garage and spayed/neutered 14 animals (10 cats, 4 dogs) with a skeleton crew of 5 people. It went surprisingly well, we were completely on top of all aspects of induction, surgery, recovery and post-op, and hope to have a few more done before the summer is through. Your wonderful financial donations throughout the year helped make this mini-clinic possible with ZERO adidtional cost to PATA.... we simply used supplies let over from the clinics in March and intend to do so throughout the year. Dr. Gaby in turn has also completed 20-30 free surgeries in her "down time" at her clinic to patients who we were unable to see at the clinics.....

3. Garage sale glory: Our Calgary, AB chapter, lead by the intrepid Chris Newbold and her animal-loving family, have done it again! They pulled off two incredible garage sales logging in $1,800 in sales of donated items. They had lots of help from the folks at Canada Post and the neighbors, who came out and supported our worthy cause from afar. When you see Chris upon her return in the fall, please don't hesitate to give her a very well-deserved pat on the back for her incredible efforts to help Manzanillo animals from near and afar.

4. Mini feria on Sun, July 6: Spread the word of PATA Manzanillo's first carnival for kids in Salon Azteca in Salagua!!! It will be an all day event with a jumpy castle, swimming pool, loads of kid-friendly games, balloons, hot dogs, cotton candy, hamburgers, fries, popcorn (** food is an additional cost)..... and a grand finale dog costume show. Tickets are 50 pesos but we have several packages to make things even more economical...... 150 pesos for a family pack of four. The event is sponsored by Monkey's Fried Chicken, Radio Levy (K-liente), Mexican Pacific Marketing, Boca de Iguanas EcoResort. THIS IS A GREAT EVENT TO INVITE YOUR MEXICAN NEIGHBORS TO PARTICIPATE IN, AND EVEN BETTER TO PURCHASE TICKETS FOR HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, GARDENERS, SECURITY, AND OTHER HIRED HELP TO TAKE THEIR FAMILIES FOR A FUN SUNDAY AFTERNOON. All proceeds go towards supporting PATA Manzanillo's spay/neuter programs and community outreach and educational initiatives to further our mandate to help make Manzanillo a safer, pet-friendly and animal-loving place!

That's all for now! Hope to see you and your Mexican friends at the fair in a few weeks! Those of you involved in other community groups who have an interest in our dealings, please feel free to pass the notice along and include us in your newsletter updates.

Renee Oveson

Manzanillo Colima Mexico

Monday, June 09, 2008

Juluapan Peninsula

There's not a lot on the Internet about the Juluapan Peninsula except from real-estate developers. Lots of fancy homes and gated communities on the Pacific side high on the cliffs. Most of the area is not accessable unless you know someone or are staying there. There is the somewhat over rated L'Recif Restaurant at the Vida del Mar complex that is only open winter months. There's also a few public roads with good views but they are not always in the best repair.

On the La Boquita beach side you'll find a small public area past the grounds of Palma Real Villas with beach and lagoon access. Dive boats often take snorkle tours to this area so it might be good for beach access. The Juluapan Peninsula access is from the little town of 'El Naranjo' just north of Club Santiago off Highway 200

Looking south on Pacific side

Looking north on Pacific side

The lagoon on the La Boquita beach side

Palmas Real Villas with beach access

Manzanillo, Colima

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mexico Navy Day - June 1st

Buque Mary Galante en Salagua 1989

The day is held on the 1 June and is a national holiday which has been recognised every year since 1942. It relates to 1 June 1917 when article 32 of the Constitution of the United Mexican States was applied for the first time. The article states that any vessel flying the Mexican flag must be crewed by seamen who are Mexican by birth and thus it is a celebration of national pride and identity. The day is marked throughout the country with special events taking place in many of the sea ports including Puerto Escondido and Puerto Angel on the Sierra Madre del Sur. Events include navy ceremonies in the harbours followed by traditional singing and dancing

Manzanillo Navy Day - Día de la Marina
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