Monday, October 15, 2012

New train tunnel through Manzanillo

I'm still pretty vague on parts of this project ... like how long it will take, were they able to buy all the private property needed and what parts will be elevated and which on ground level. It sounds like trains will remain at ground level most of the way and cars will pass over on a viaduct. The drawing shows an elevated train entrance and exit to the tunnel. This will eventually replace 10-15 road crossing for the railroad eliminating much of the downtown town traffic congestion and allow for heavier train flow. I've heard that construction has started and as it moves along should surely make entering the main port entrance and immigration difficult to say the least.

Map of the port area and entrance to the tunnel

Drawing of the port side of the tunnel

Elevated lagoon side of the tunnel

Conoce al detalle el Túnel Ferroviario en Manzanillo
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