Thursday, June 28, 2007

Santiago - the town

A complete little beach town on the north end of Manzanillo

Santiago, once a separate town has been annexed by the City of Manzanillo - so is now a Colonia. However it still has the flavor and feel of a small Mexican town complete with a market and a Bull Ring. About eight blocks into town is the Mercado and adjoining craft and flower markets. The 'Plaza de Toros' is about eight blocks futher into town beyond the market.

Lots of beach activity including fishing and surfing. A number of restaurants throughout town, along the hyway and on the beaches to the north and south. The Scuba Shack can probably line you up with any outdoor activity you have in mind - or at least re-direct you. The Hollywood and Vine foto below is a favorite afternoon hangout for local gringos in need of a beer and conversation.

Front of the Central Market

Flower and Craft Market

Santiago Plaza

Tacos Julio

Even some good surf at times

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