Saturday, August 08, 2009

Faro de Campos - Manzanillo

The reason I've never found the light house before is it's a little hard to find. Finally we tried a little harder and asked a number of people. You find the access road in the small community across from the power plant south of downtown Manzanillo on the road to Campos. It's about five blocks toward the beach at the base of the hill on the north side.

The road is paved with brick but is narrow so watch for traffic and be prepared to backup some distance to allow passing. Great view and I wanted to get a foto when it was green. So many pictures I've seen were taken in the dry season. There is another great view spot about a quarter of a mile before you get to the lagoon inlet. If the gate is open check it out. The caretaker will welcome you

Faro de Campos - Lighthouse

View over the edge

From the road looking back at the power plant
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