Sunday, January 16, 2011

Third annual Artisan Fair at Walmart

Moisés Sánchez, coordinator of the Third National Meeting of Artisans in Manzanillo 2011, announced the start of the event that has the participation of over 150 artisans from 20 states of the Republic, along with invited countries of Peru and Ecuador.

Among the products offered is the traditional Ice Cream of Oaxaca, Michoacán coffee, bread of the State of Mexico, and textiles of Chiapas, Yucatan, Oaxaca, Guerrero. Also in this exhibition are products made base of clay, handmade jewelry, sandals, toys, straw hats, beads and silver jewelry.

Sanchez said the goal of this event is to make people value the country's original crafts which are major tourist attractions.

Artisans and the public are invited to experience this holiday tradition, which is located in the parking lot of Walmart department store, Monday through Friday from 10am to 10pm and weekends from 10am to 11pm.

This event has the support of the Federation of Mexican artisans and will end on 31 January.

Federation of Mexican Artisans
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