Friday, January 09, 2015

African bees kill old man near Chandiablo

Africanized bees kill old man

A farm worker was killed and two others, father and son, were injured when attacked by bees when they cleaned a road near Chandiablo in Manzanillo. According to the Director of Municipal Civil Protection, Guadalupe Tene Rodriguez, the deceased is Isaac Jimenez Campa, 73 years old. Jesus Valladares the father is hospitalized in serious condition while his son of the same name, is out of danger. 

He said the incident took place around 11:40 am yesterday when the laborers cleaned a ditch that is located next to the creek Chandiablo. He added that once reported the situation, the Colima police arrived and cordoned off the area pending forensic personnel and prosecutors.

Matan abejas africanizadas a anciano


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