Monday, October 30, 2006

Day trip to Minatitlan - Colima

Day trip to Minatitlan - Colima Mexico Including Canoas, Peña Colorado and the mine and of course - El Salto and the Park

Peña Colorada, just down the road a ways, is an atypical Mexican village, very modern and well laid out as a hometown to many of the mine workers. The housing units are both apartment style red brick buildings and single family dwellings. On one side of the highway are a number of small stores and a restaurant which is currently not in operation. We all know how quickly that can change. Nearby are a number of government facilities which serve the needs of the mine workers and other area residents, as well as a large and well-equipped IMSS clinic with emergency care and vehicles available twenty-four hours a day.

Quiet street in Canoas

El Salto Falls

Water Park at El Salto

Pena Colorado mine and town of the same name

The church on the Plaza in Minatitlan

The Plaza in Minatitlan

More pictures of the trip to Minatitlan and the area
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