Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tourists and locals evacuated from Pascuales area

Mar de Fondo in Colima

Tecoman, Col.- The Municipal Civil Protection Unit and GERIEM, evacuated tourists and locals after the phenomenon "Mar de Fondo" caused strong waves and severe damage to infrastructure, so that a shelter was set up in a multipurpose building in the colony Ladislao Moreno.

The head of the UMP and GERIEM, said Luis Salazar Saborio they made rounds very early Saturday morning alerting locals to be prepared to leave the area in case of an increase in the tide, in the afternoon it began to grow with waves up to 8 meters high, causing severe damages to both booths, restaurants and some hotels.

In coordination with the DIF Municipal Community Development Center Cedeco  in colony Ladislao Moreno was enabled a shelter, with beds, mattresses, blankets, kitchen and medical services to care for evacuees, being so far 14 people that took shelter in that temporary shelter.

They have counted 14 booths with severe damage, a restaurant with major damage, at least four drawn vehicles and two main roads that were affected by flooding from high surf and others collapsed to be undermined sand, without any human losses The operation will continue until conditions have passed and does not represent a risk for the return of residents.

Peor que Jova -- Worse than Jova

Monday, April 20, 2015

Red Tide in Manzanillo

April 18, 2015

* The prohibition of selling is maintained or consume bivalve molluscs

The Ministry of Health and Welfare reported that the continued presence of toxic red tide in the bays of Manzanillo, so the ban on the marketing and consumption of bivalve molluscs is maintained, in order to avoid health risks of the population .

Derived from the operatives carried out jointly by the State Commission for Protection against Health Risks, COESPRIS with the Sixth Naval Region, through the Oceanographic Institute of the Pacific in Manzanillo, was verified with the sampling and analysis of sea water that remains that harmful algal bloom (HAB) in that part of the coast of Colima.

Therefore, said the injunction not to consume or sell bivalve molluscs such as oysters, clams, scallops and scallop margarita from wild harvest and / or stored at sea and estuaries that have detected the red tide, continue to whereas the results of the samples to determine the disappearance of the phenomenon.

Dependence recommended that people refrain from acquiring and consuming product sold in the street and beachfront by poachers and vendors; if so, go to places formally established and regulated by the health authority.

Also, he pointed out that in the case of people with open wounds and abrasions with susceptible skin, eye and upper respiratory tract and ear problems should refrain from entering the sea.

Finally, he mentioned that if you have tingling in the lips, numbness, diarrhea and abdominal pain, it is necessary that affected immediately come to medical attention and report if consumed oysters, clams or other shellfish 2 valves (shells).

Torneo de Pesca para Niños

Kids fishing tournament 
Sunday, May 3rd
at the Cruise Ship dock downtown

Free Event
for kids from 7 to 11 years of age

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