Saturday, January 09, 2016

Flight over Manzanillo

David Dagoli from La Manzailla got a ride in a two-seater plane and flew around Tenacatita Bay, down to the Colima volcano and back through Manzanillo. That  is downtown this side of the two piers, the green patch below is the lagoon and Santiago Bay in the background.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Los Angelitos también surfean

Presented by
Deportes Extremos del Estado de Colima AC. (DEEC)
Extreme Sports of Colima

Not a lot of info on this surf event  except that it's the 3rd annual and is in Santiago. I assume it's near Bora's as that's the only place I've seen surfable surf. Check it out on December 20th

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Santiago arroyo overflowed into town

Manzanillo, Col.- Because of the heavy rains Thursday night and Friday morning the Santiago arroyo overflowed.

The flooding reached the main garden of the delegation, which was full of mud, and while the water level has begun to fall, still covers much of the first frame of the delegation.

No major damage was reported in nearby houses, to channel the stream, which literally overflowed from early morning.

Civil Protection and Municipal Police maintain an operational monitoring riverbed.

So far, no families evacuated from this area of ​​the city are reported.
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