Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Canadian Navy and FM3

Shoe and I drove down to Manzanillo from Melaque to renew his FM3 and what do we find but the Canadian Navy tied up to the pier downtown. The town was full of sailors. We probably wouldn't have gone all the way into town except he needed to have new pictures taken - only necessary when you change your Visa registration city.

While waiting the hour for fotos we had lunch at the Hotel Colonial just a block off the central waterfront. The immigration office is located at the Port Offices at the entrance to the harbor. Manzanillo must now be one of the easierst places to apply for Visas as this would have taken less than 2 hours if it had not been for the new pictures required. The Banjercito (government bank), where you can pay, is just a few blocks away and never busy.

On the way the way back we stopped in Santiago at a little Sport and Tackle shop for some fishing gear - and then at Playa Miramar for another beer.

Canadian Navy tied up on the pier

Hotel Colonial

Centro near where we had the pictures taken

Port Offices and Immigration - behind a new office

La Casa del Pescadore

Playa Miramar
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