Sunday, January 04, 2009

Huizcolote behind Manzanillo

The day after Christmas is not a good day to be shopping in Manzanillo so after giving up on hardware stores and a quick trip to Sorianas I headed east towards the mountains. Huizcolote and other small communities can be reached by following the road in front of Las Hades or from the road to Minatitlan behind the Port. If you rent a car and like cruzing in the country, these roads are usually in very good shape. Huizcolote is not the end of the road with much more valley beyond but it was getting late and over an hour back to Melaque.

Nativity scene in front of a very poor house

The river that runs next to Huizcolote

Christmas beach vacation

Pre and Christmas Day crowds on Playa Miramar are not as large as the week following but never the less - Manzanillo is quite busy. There were fewer excursion buses and generally less people than last year. No doubt, a bit of the economy effect.

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