Friday, August 09, 2013

Manzanillo Thermometric is polluting 80% less

The Thermoelectric plant upgrade has been completed  in the first stage, so that instead of generating 1,200 MW as it did earlier, today it generates 2,700 MW with a reduction in emissions of 80%. 

The Central in its past had four generating units, later six and all used fuel oil. The new combined cycle plants are turbine based using liquefied gas from the regasification. 

The project was formed with four modules, the first and the second burn liquefied at 100%, the third module was suitable for conversion to burn gas or fuel oil or a combination of both, the fourth module is pending for conversion and possible upgrade. 

It's worth remembering that In 1982, José López Portillo, President of the Republic at the time, opened this plant that delivered an installed generating capacity of 1,200 MW, then the intervention of then-President Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado, built a second stage was called Manzanillo Two consisting of two 350 MW generating units, using fuel oil as fuel.

Termo right now is ready to meet the President on Wednesday 14, to commission the re empowerment of this plant which makes it the largest of its kind in all of Latin America. 

Termoeléctrica deja de contaminar 80%


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