Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another facelift for the Manzanillo Airport

Took 3 people to the airport last weekend and it's the first time I've been there in over a year. Not a lot of changes but new paint and a new marquee moved down to the departures door.

The airport (Playa de Oro International - ZLO) is located about a half hour north of Manzanillo near the Jalisco border. Like most airports in Mexico the only transportation leaving is by taxi or rental car, no bus service.


j-na G S B said...

Seems like they are doing allot of facelifts here in Manzanillo lately, since I set up my high-end American brand boutique and hand-made accessories in Plaza Gaviotas on the side of Cinepolis, it seems like they have been tearing up half of the bvld, I love the brick design that is going into all the intersections! Gearing up for even greater turism and apeal! I'm a fan since I love it here.

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