Friday, April 03, 2009

Zeta Gas Terminal south of town

Grupo Zeta in Manzanillo, one of the worlds largest distributors of LPG gas, now operates this deep water port which is the largest plant of its kind in Mexico and Latin America. Someday this site will also feed the oil fired electric plant located in the same area - after it's re-tooled. This plant was mostly funded by Pemex and CFE and is now operated by Zeta Gas.

Not many tourists get down to this end of town but it's interesting. The Cuyutlan lagoon inlet and outlet used for cooling the power plant, a company town across the street from the plant, a few large palapa restaurants, a second lagoon/ocean opening and finally the microscopic town of Campos


Anonymous said...

are you sure it was funded by Pemex and CFE, because I heard otherwise

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