Sunday, November 23, 2008

Historical Slide Show of Manzanillo

History of Manzanillo in a Slide Show

These fotos are from the Manzanillo Historical Web Site which also has a number of pages of written history from Prehispanic, Spanish occupation to the modern day. Very interesting site but all in Spanish.

In 1825 the official “Port of Manzanillo” opened. As an important sea port, Manzanillo opened the first telegraph office on the Pacific coast in 1869. Manzanillo was raised to the status of a city in 1873, and by 1890 train service arrived and made coast to coast travel much more convenient. The train boosted the commercial importance of the port, as the only train/port link on the Pacific. The railroad to Colima City (the capital city) was completed in 1889. In 1908, the link to Guadalajara was completed and Manzanillo was named an official port of entry into Mexico. Manzanillo was the temporary capital of the state of Colima for one week in 1915, when Pancho Villa’s troops were threatening to capture the Colima City.

Manzanillo Historical Web Site


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