Sunday, August 31, 2008

National Institute of Fisheries and Ventanas

Ventanas is the local name for the opening to the Cuyutlan lagoon and the jetty at the mouth of it on the ocean side. The name is as informal as the way surf locations are named. Also next to the jetty is National Institute of Fisheries building. The main reason for this canal opening is to feed water to the power plant which has an exit spillway on the open ocean side (also interesting to see).

To get to Ventanas go through downtown towards the power plant, through a lagoon side community to an area with beach palapa restaurants on the lagoon. Take a right just before the canal bridge and follow the dirt road along the canal out to the jetty. Just hope for no oncoming traffic as it is a one-laner.

The canal looking towards the ocean and Ventanas

Looking back through the canal towards the power plant

National Institute of Fisheries


Manzanilloblogger said...

My brother and his friends used to jump off a bridge nearby into the river at one of these spillways. The current was strong and would carry you to the other end, you had to swim pretty hard to make it to shore before you were ejected out.

I can't recommend this though, the current is very strong and often shallower than it looks...

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