Monday, June 09, 2008

Juluapan Peninsula

There's not a lot on the Internet about the Juluapan Peninsula except from real-estate developers. Lots of fancy homes and gated communities on the Pacific side high on the cliffs. Most of the area is not accessable unless you know someone or are staying there. There is the somewhat over rated L'Recif Restaurant at the Vida del Mar complex that is only open winter months. There's also a few public roads with good views but they are not always in the best repair.

On the La Boquita beach side you'll find a small public area past the grounds of Palma Real Villas with beach and lagoon access. Dive boats often take snorkle tours to this area so it might be good for beach access. The Juluapan Peninsula access is from the little town of 'El Naranjo' just north of Club Santiago off Highway 200

Looking south on Pacific side

Looking north on Pacific side

The lagoon on the La Boquita beach side

Palmas Real Villas with beach access

Manzanillo, Colima


Manzanilloblogger said...

There is a lot of development going on on the peninsula. Some luxury condos called The Secret, and also a brand new 15 home development is being constructed just before the Vida Del Mar condos.

L'Recif restaurant (the cliffs in french) is a bit overrated. The food is a bit pricey and not as good as you would expect. However, steaks they sell are delicious! They also make a great ceasar salad for you right at your table. For a drink I'd recommend the pina colada, it's uniquely creamy and easily the best I've had in Mexico. The highlight of the evening is the view from the restaurant, which is to die for. Especially at sunset over the cliffs and when they put the spotlights on the rocks at night so you can see the giant waves crashing into the cliffs while you eat by candle light.

The food gets 3 stars in my book, but the ambiance and view gets 5+.

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