Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cuyutlán Salt - Documentary

"The documentary Cuyutlán salt is good work that reflects the socioeconomic tradition of the state" and explained how interesting it will be presenting this work part of the Traditions Colimotas series, produced by the Ministry of Culture of Colima.

"Salt of Cuyutlán" describes the process of extracting salt in Cuyutlán, Armeria, the most established tradition in the town, inherited from generation to generation. It also shows one of the oldest  form of this work, which starts by scratching the earth to subsequently make a pool where the water is filtered, then is distributed to the evaporation ponds called "eras", a place where grains of salt are formed, then small collection piles are made.

Some of the techniques used by Rodriguez Bogart in making this film are the micro video, showing how the brine (water with salt) is evaporated and how a grain is formed. He uses terrariums and aquariums micro video to record the settling of heavy metals and salt formation, which can be seen quickly with time laps. 


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