Thursday, October 29, 2009

Puerto Santiago - Manzanillo needs it?

Is this what Manzanillo needs at the expense of La Boquita beach, the palapa restaurants, the local fisherman, the mangroves and all the wildlife the mangroves support. Well, below is their dream ....

Imagine a Mediterranean-style seaside village constructed from bricks, freestone, masonry, adobe tiles, and wood. Soothing earth tones will complement the natural materials. Imagine Puerto Santiago:

  • Marina: The village-like marina will enchant visitors with over 150 boat slips, seaside benches, open plazas, and softly illuminated walkways.

  • Beach Hotel: Puerto Santiago looks forward to the addition of a quality, five-star 220-room hotel, committed to building in the development.

  • Shopping and Entertainment Center: Over one million square feet of retail space will enhance Puerto Santiago with a premiere shopping and entertainment district.

  • Condominium Projects: Condominiums will anchor the Puerto Santiago development. Approximately 132 condominiums will line the beach, while another 800 condominiums face the lagoon and boast a community-style center with tennis courts, an exercise facility, and other amenities.

  • Single Family Homes: Roughly 240 single-family lots rest alongside the marina and shopping area, as well as throughout the beach area.

Puerto Santiago Web Page


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